School of Medicine

Office of Student Affairs

Academic Requirements

The new medical student will find that the demands, requirements, responsibilities and rewards of medical school far exceed those of undergraduate school. The following sections will discuss some of the students' academic responsibilities and the means by which the curriculum is processed:


All students are expected to comply with the general Medical Center provisions governing registration as specified in the general information section of this publication.


Students are expected to meet the standard of performance as specified by the faculty in each course, including requirements governing attendance at lectures and other course activities. It is expected that students will attend all course activities. Explanation of absence from course activities is to be submitted in writing by the student to the course director or teaching unit involved. When absence from course activities can be anticipated, such as for health and medical appointments, arrangements should be made in advance with the appropriate faculty member for whatever make-up work may be required. For longer absences, arrangments for remediation is facilitated by the office of student affairs. 


Statement of Requirements and Notification of Progress

At the beginning of each course, including electives, students will be informed, in writing, of the standard of performance expected of them by the faculty of that course. The standard of performance includes how grades are derived, and a description of the student's responsibilities in the course such as attendance at lectures, laboratories and other course activities. A statement of these requirements is to be filed the Office of Student Affairs and Records prior to the beginning of the academic year.

At mid-course and at other times which may be considered appropriate, a review is to be made of each student's performance in the course, as determined by examinations, staff reports, and other available means of appraisal. If a student's performance is considered to be marginal or below minimal course standards, the head of the department or another faculty member designated for this purpose shall arrange for a personal conference with the student involved to discuss deficiencies observed and to suggest corrective measures to be taken. Also, by mid-course, in those courses evaluated in-part by non-cognitive means, conferences are to be held with all students to apprise them of how they are performing and how they might improve their level of performance.


All of the following criteria must be met satisfactorily for a student enrolled in the School of Medicine to be eligible for promotion:

  1. Satisfactory completion of all course work specified for the academic level
  2. Fulfilling all requirements established by the faculty of each course
  3. Approval for promotion by the appropriate promotions committee.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. Satisfactory completion of all course work and requirements specified in the curriculum.
  2. Enrollment as a student in the School of Medicine while completing at least the final two academic years of course work unless extraordinary circumstances have arisen. In all cases the curricular requirements of the School of Medicine will be adhered to.
  3. Approval by the promotions committee and recommendation by the faculty of the School of Medicine for conferring of the degree, doctor of medicine.
  4. Satisfactory status concerning financial obligations to the LSU System.
  5. Certification that all materials issued as returnable items have been accounted for in an acceptable manner.

Refer to Regulations and Grading sections for information about satisfactory academic performance, promotions committees, examinations, grading, and appeal of final grades.