Mary Coleman, MD, PhD

Marie Lahasky Chair and Professor for the Department of Family Medicine
Director of Community Health
Director of Rural Education








Academic Office

1542 Tulane Ave, Suite 123
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
(504) 568 - 4570


PhD - 1976
Physiological Chemistry, The Ohio State University

MD - 1981
The Ohio State University


Mary Thoesen Coleman, MD, PhD is a seasoned educator, clinician, and administrator who has held previous positions as Assistant Family Medicine Residency Director at The Ohio State University, Medical Director of University Physicians Group, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs in Family Medicine, Associate Dean for Curriculum at the University of Louisville, and Dean of the School of Medicine for Ross University. She was systems leader at the University of Louisville for its role as one of 22 participants in the Academic Chronic Care Collaborative. As part of that collaborative, a clinic transformed the care of a population of diabetic patients, resulting in improved hemoglobin A1cs, foot exams, and self-management. Dr. Coleman was principal investigator on a $450,000 grant funded by the Partnership for Quality Education, Robert Wood Johnson. (Interprofessional Ambulatory Primary Care Practice-Based Educational Program, J Interprofessional Care, 2007). She has initiated and developed Interprofessional clinical learning experiences in Louisville, Kentucky, Gales Point, Belize and Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Coleman is a proponent of the Exemplary Care and Learning Site model which aims to have students learn how to deliver exemplary care in sites that are demonstrating patient centered values. Currently she directs a longitudinal clinical educational experience (2013 AAMC Clinical Care Innovation Challenge Award) in which an interprofessional team of learners provide diabetes care management.

Committees & Administrative Responsibilities

LSU Dean's Administrative Council, School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

LSU Dean's Clinical Chairs Advisory Committee

LSU Curriculum Steering Sub-Committee

LSU Educational Strategic Planning Committee

Chair, Rural Scholars Track Committee

Chair, Patrick and Phyllis Taylor Primary Care Scholarship Committee

LSU Healthcare Network Executive and Finance Committee

Board of Directors, Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians, District 1 Director

Quality Improvement Group, Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine for Women, Drexel, Pennsylvania 

Selected Publications

Braich, P.S., Almeida, D.R., Hollands, S., Coleman, M.T., (2011) "The Effects of Pictograms in Educating Three Distinct Low-Literacy Populations on the use of Post-Operative Cataract Medication." Canadian J Opthalmol June 2011; 46(3): 276-81. Epub 2011 May 27.

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