School of Medicine

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Patrick F. Taylor
Primary Care Scholar Program



The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation and Dean Steve Nelson, MD have joined forces to establish a scholar program to help ensure an adequate supply of exemplary physicians who live and practice Primary Care in Louisiana. 

Medical students participating in the program receive a tuition waiver award of $25,000.00 per year, renewable for four years.



  Eligibility and competitive advantage for the Patrick F. Taylor Primary Care Scholar Program is available to select students who are interested in family medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, and geriatrics, and who are willing to commit to primary care in Louisiana 2 years for every year of the award. 


Scholar Requirements

  • Practice twenty-four consecutive months of Primary Care in Louisiana for each academic year the tuition waiver is received.
  • Successful participation in the Primary Care program through curricular and extracurricular experiences. 


Continued Enrollment

Scholars will be reviewed annually.  Renewal of scholarships will be contingent upon evidence of ongoing commitment to primary care and overall academic performance.



Applications for the award are open to incoming medical students, and current L1-L4 medical students. Applications are due in the Spring/Summer; dates are determined annually.


Selection Criteria & Process

Applicants must demonstrate the following characteristics:


Motivation and Insight

  1. Motivation for a primary care career
  2. Insight into pertinent role primary care plays within the community
  3. Indicators of future primary care pursuit
  4. Past community affinity

Effective Communication

  1. Has effectively worked well as a member or leader of an activity or endeavor
  2. Demonstrates effective and respectful communication


  1. Demonstrates initiative in activities
  2. Leadership roles and actions

Personal Development

  1. Demonstrates personal improvement activities
  2. Well-rounded scholastically 
  3. Well-rounded personally
  4. Family and community support


  1. Demonstrates consistent work ethic and effort
  2. Demonstrates respect, compassion and integrity; is committed to ethical principles


Following the application review, selected students will interview with the selection committee. 
Selections will be announced after all reviews have been completed. 

For more information and an application, please contact: