LSU Diabetes Internal Medicine Program

The department has prided itself on its leadership in creating an interprofessional community program that focuses on diabetes. The current interprofessional student care management program (Diabetes Medical Education, DIME) has successfully provided, for three years, a clinical experience for student teams who practice health care coaching, mental health screening and counseling, patient education, medication monitoring, and linking patients to community resources for uncontrolled adult diabetic patients in an LSU outpatient clinic. A recent recipient of the AAMC Clinical Innovation Challenge Award, the program offers students from nursing (LSU), medicine (LSU) , pharmacy (Xavier), and social work (SUNO) clinical experience functioning as a team one  half a day week for the school year. One of the outreach components of the program is a Dining for Diabetes project, funded by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, that partners with the LSU Agricultural Institute and others to do cooking demonstrations and nutrition education for groups of diabetic patients

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