Mobile Simulation Laboratory

Dr. Sergiy Rusnak, assistant professor, traveled to Lafayette, Louisiana on January 24 to conduct a simulation workshop for Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residency programs. The workshop focused on emergency airway management skills. The mobile simulation lab will enable other sites across the state to engage in medical simulation.  The first trial site was Louisiana State University at Lafayette, where simulation workshop for Lafayette Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Programs has been performed. Workshop was dedicated to teach Family and Internal Medicine residents of emergency airway management skills and involved twenty-two residents, many faculty members from LSU at Lafayette and Dr. Segriy Rusnak.

Training was divided into two parts: In the first part trainees attended a  lecture about techniques, devices, indications, and contraindications for advanced airway management practiced oropharyngeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway, laryngeal mask airway placement, and endotracheal intubation on partial task trainers in large lecture room, in the second part of workshop,  was patient simulation on high fidelity full body mannequin and took place in a real patient’s ward. For this part, myocardial infarction case with deterioration to respiratory and subsequent cardiac arrest was created. Medical teams include 3-4 residents who had to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in emergency airway management, CPR, knowledge of ACLS protocols, and knowledge of post cardiac arrest management. Debriefing about trainees performance, successes and mistakes, and possible areas of improvement followed by the patient simulation case.

The workshop had great success and faculty members and residents at LSU of Lafayette highly appreciated it and expressed hope and desire for further cooperation with Mobile Simulation Center and have scheduled their next training on March 21st, 2017.

We are pleased to announce that our Medical Simulation Center, which provides priceless and crucial opportunities for healthcare students and professionals to practice procedures skills and enhance medical knowledge in a safe, non- stressful environment without risk to harm the patient, now is able to expand its teaching activities far beyond New Orleans area.