AHEC Rural Primary Care Elective Rotations Began May 29

Fifty-three students who just completed the first year of undergraduate medical education have begun their AHEC Primary Care Elective summer rotations.  The rotations are coordinated and funded by four regional AHEC offices in conjunction with LSUHSC.  AHEC representatives from the four regional offices placed the students in medical practices in rural and underserved urban areas with the goal of encouraging students to consider practicing primary care medicine in these areas after completing their education. Students selected one of three rotation blocks that begin on May 29, June 5, or June 12. To prepare for the rotations students attended orientation on April 27 in the Large Lecture Room on the sixth floor of the Lions Building.  The students heard from Dr. Robin English and then Elizabeth Tamor and Brooke Voorhies, the Southeast and Southwest AHEC Representatives, respectively.  The AHEC representatives shared tips for successful rotations and provided an overview of the various paperwork requirements to participate in and document the rotations.  Students were asked to prepare a letter at the end of their rotations, addressed to state legislators, to recommend continued AHEC funding and share experiences from the program.

We wish each AHEC student a successful and inspirational summer rotation!