“Case Simulation Group” Maximizes Time Spent with Simulators

The “Case Simulation Group” (CSG) is a pilot student group designed to provide LSUHSC Medical Students more access to the Learning Center Skills Lab. The goal of the group is to provide sessions that enable students to practice in-depth clinical scenarios with additional hands-on simulation experience.  These sessions revolve around maximizing the clinical information that can be ascertained from  patient simulators. Founders of the group include medical students: Dan Burgin, Walter Guillory, Taylor Lynch and David Beyer. The CSG’s faculty adviser is Dr. Micelle Haydel.


CSG President Dan Burgin explained the importance of utilizing the Learning Center, “As LSU School of Medicine students, we sought to maximize our access to the high-quality facilities of the LSUHSC Learning Center. The Center allows us to practice our knowledge of disease presentation in a simulated clinical environment. The CSG began out of desire to utilize the Learning Center facilities beyond what is scheduled in our M.D. curriculum.” He continued, “In CSG, activities are structured in a collaborative, team-based learning format. Guided by the clinical faculty of LSU, we create multiple clinical cases correlated with our curriculum, complete with vignettes, patient data, and relevant laboratory studies. Participants in each session collect and analyze this data to discover diagnoses, in a timed format. Our inaugural CSG Session in mid-May was well-received by the participants. The valuable experiences gained already from CSG are multifacted: in addition to the excellent practice participants gain in efficiently gathering patient data, we as Session facilitators are able to consider case data relevant to a particular etiology, allowing us to learn our own material to a very high degree.”