CME Coordinator Workshop Kick Off New Academic Year

On Tuesday, July 15, the coordinators of LSU’s regularly scheduled series (RSS) participated in their first CME workshop. The coordinators are an important part of the School of Medicine’s educational structure as they, working within their respective departments, ensure their education conferences adhere to LSU CME and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) policies to award credit to physicians for certified CME credit.

The workshop highlighted the essential processes used by LSU CME to ensure compliance.   A total of 18 coordinators attended the workshop.  Many attendees had less than a year’s experience working with CME and this session provided a solid footing for understanding CME requirements.

In post workshop evaluations the coordinators expressed a desire to continue learning about accredited CME and provided helpful feedback:

“Enjoyed the retreat…Made me think about other ways to evaluate our activities.”

“This was probably the most helpful training session I’ve been to since starting at LSU. You both did an excellent job explaining the reasoning behind things, showing ways to make it easier both for us and attendees, discussing challenges with evaluations, and most of all – being human about the whole process. Thank you!”

Additional sessions are being scheduled to broaden learning about the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and alternative evaluation methods.