Project Overview

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center has received funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to establish the Terrorism and Disaster Coalition for Child and Family Resilience (TDC4), a center in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN).  The center is working with partners across the nation to develop materials and provide training on interventions to support the behavioral health, wellbeing and resilience of children, their families, and our communities in the face of terrorism and disaster.  TCD4 is directed by experts with extensive experience using evidence-based practices to train and support children, families, teachers, first responders, and community members impacted by trauma.


Project Goals

BUILD.  Build coalitions of stakeholders in terrorism-vulnerable or disaster-prone areas to evaluate the needs of their specific communities to devise developmentally, and culturally-sensitive resources.

DEVELOP. Develop and/or adapt training materials and interventions using the expertise of coalition members. Resources developed and used are evidence-based, culturally relevant, and take into consideration the unique needs and diversity of communities served. 

TRAIN. Train community members and providers working with children and families with emphasis placed on developing trauma-informed expertise and skills related to supporting prevention, response, recovery and resilience following disasters or acts of terror.

CREATE. Create resources that aid providers, caregivers and youth in every stage of an incident of terrorism or disaster from preparedness, timely response, and recovery. Toolkits, fact sheets,  and/or other materials developed reflect the values of cultural relevance and diversity of each coalition.

SUPPORT. Support coalition members in their efforts to implement and sustain evidence -based practices and adapt them to the needs of regions, cultures, specific disasters, and vulnerabilities as a result of terrorist incidents.