Your First Year - getting ahead

• LSUHSC CV (MS Word | PDF) Your curriculum vitae is the most important element in your tenure and promotion package. Spend a lot of time on it, start NOW, get it in the right format and get comments from colleagues to make sure you are presenting your materials in the best possible way.

Committee Opportunities - Now that you are more settled in your job, you want to consider participating in university/departmental committees

Annual Review - Annual review is undertaken for all full-time faculty members, within the School of Medicine. The annual review instrument is submitted by the faculty member to his/her direct supervisor. An up-dated version of the faculty member’s Curriculum Vitae is also submitted.

Office of Faculty Development - The Office of Faculty Development provides a variety of career-building workshops and programs designed to help faculty build a successful career

Promotion & Tenure - There are annual workshops to help you learn about how the tenure process works at LSUHSC. It’s never too early to think about what is needed for your tenure packet.

Campus/Employee Assistance - The Campus Assistance Program is a free service provided by LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans to assist employees, faculty, staff, residents, and students in resolving personal or work related problems.