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Family Medicine Clinical Clerkship Seminars


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Course Goals, Activities, and Grading Principles of Family Medicine - Dr. Skeet Muncie

Ain't Misbehavin' - Dr. Albert Rees

Common Skin Problems - Dr. Albert Rees

Contraceptive Choices - Dr. Skeet Muncie

Cruciate Ligament Injuries & Muskuloskeletal Examination - Dr. Kim Edward LeBlanc

Diagnoses and Treatment of COPD - Dr. Robert Ryan

Dyspnea Evaluation - Dr. Jim Campbell

Evaluating a Sore Throat - Dr. Robert Chasuk

Evaluating Dementia - Dr. Charles Cefalu

Evaluating Patients for STIs - Dr. John LaMartina

Falls and Osteoporosis - Dr. Charles Cefalu

Hypertension & UTIs - Dr. Skeet Muncie

Vaginitis - Dr. Dave Williams