School of Medicine

Neuroscience Center of Excellence

Past Events - 2003


September 30th

Special Seminar in Neuroscience


"Semaphorins, neurotrophins, and Slits: Molecules that direct sensory axon elongation and arborization."

Reha Erzurumlu, PhD


Professor, Dept. of Cell Biology and Anatomy
8th Floor Lecture Room
LSU Neuroscience Center of Excellence
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October 2nd

36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Leukocyte Biology Keynote Lecture


“The leukocyte/brain relationship: synaptic lipid signaling and neuroprotection”

Nicolas G. Bazan, MD, PhD


Director, LSU Neuroscience Center of Excellence
Philadelphia, PA



October 6th

Chancellor's Award Lecture in Neuroscience


“Molecular Switches and Spatial Distribution of Neuronal Cell Death"

Pierlugi Nicotera, M.D., Ph.D.


Director, Medical Research Council, Toxicology Unit
Professor of Toxicology and of Neuroscience
University of Leicester (United Kingdom)
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October 28, 2003


December 3, 2003

Neuroscience Lab Meeting/Journal Club


"Gene Expression Studies in Human Neural Cells in Primary Culture"

Anja Botkjaer and Merete Bodker


8th Floor Conference Room
2020 Gravier Street
12:00 pm
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