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Graduate Students


Enrolled Students

Hannah Jarrell
Ph.D. Graduate Student


Daniel Martinez
Ph.D.  Graduate Student


David Odenheimer
M.D./Ph.D. Graduate Student


Madigan Reid
M.D./Ph.D. Graduate Student


Whitney G. Walkowski
Ph.D. Graduate Student


Graduated Students


May 2020

Katelyn Robillard, M.D./Ph.D.

Major Professors: Jennifer Lentz, PhD and Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD

Dissertation: “Genetic Strategies to Treat Vision Loss in a Murine Model
of Acadian Usher Syndome"


May 2019

Vivian Jaber, M.D./Ph.D.

Major Professor: Walter J. Lukiw, BS, MS, PhD

Dissertation: “Integrated miRNA-mRNA Analysis Reveals Altered miRNA-mRNA
Signaling Networks in Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease


August 2019

Khanh V. Do, Ph.D.
Eureka Alert

Major Professor: Nicolas G. Bazan, MD, PhD

Dissertation:  “The Lipidome During Neurodegeneration:
Retinal Protection by Novel Mediators


May 2020

Thang L. Pham, Ph.D.

Major Professor: Haydee E.P. Bazan, PhD

Dissertation: “The Mechanistic Link Between Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor,
Docosahexaenoic Acid, and Corneal Nerve Regeneration