Former SUN Program Participants


2013 SUN Participants and Mentors
From Left to Right: Muhammed Al-Hassani, Tiffany Chuamg, Noah Atwi, Dr. William Gordon,
Caroline Davidson, Amber Bux, Jannet Bux, Dr. Nicolas G. Bazan, Dr. Hamilton Farris,
Dr. Haydee Bazan, Hai Tran, Kenia Carvajal, Dr. Jorgelina Calandria, Chesley Walker,
Brenda Chiappinelli, Ephraim Opara, Daniel McBride, Michael Olejniczak, Charles A. Cefalu Jr.,
Eric Knott, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee

summer 2012 group shot use sm

2012 SUN Program participants from left to right: Sonia Adtani, Monicah Jepkemboi,
Megan Richters, Naya Osborne, Kayla Quincy, Dr. Nicolas G. Bazan, Richielle Kelly,
Rachel Hanks, Chelsey Walker,
Kenia Carbajal, Dustin Lovas, and Swornim M. Shrestha

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2009 SUN Program Participants

Twenty-four high school and college students, along with college faculty, have been selected through a competitive process to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Neuroscience Program. The 8-week program provides hands-on research experience as well as lectures in contemporary neuroscience and mentoring to encourage careers in science and to keep our best and brightest in Louisiana.

Participants from left to right top row are: Tracy Li, Brendan Ross Burn, Glenn M. Allen, Jr.,
Redmond-Craig Anderson, DeShawn Coleman, Chase Lambert, Alyssa Fournett, John Cefalu,
Dr. Nicolas Bazan, Christopher Holdgraf, Stefan Sicinschi, second row: Russell Fertitta,
Sarah E. Pederson, Amy Hui, Miguel Molina, Xiaolei Chen, Jamie Winfield, Brittney Chiappinelli,
third row: Anasheh Halabi, Michelle Sauque, Natalie Halapin,
Abhita Reddy, Jacobi Owens

2009 Noon Lectures for Summer Students

2009 Project List