Journal Club Resources


Faculty Mentors:

Ben deBoisblanc, MD

Kyle Happel, MD

Stephen Kantrow, MD

Amita Krishnan, MD

Matthew Lammi, MD MSc

Other faculty are welcome too!


Guidance for Presentations:

  1. Choose your article at least 2 weeks in advance, identify a mentor, then confirm your selection with your peers
  2. Discuss the article and teaching emphasis with your mentor early.  www.criticalcarereviews may also have stimulating content.
  3. Keep introductory content to less than 15 minutes long (6-10 slides) - teach us a few interesting concepts and be concise!
  4. Include a PICO slide
  5. Present detailed data from the current study, but not prior studies (one journal club at a time!)
  6. Dedicate at least one or two slides to teach about an element of study design or statistical analysis (ask for suggestions!)
  7. Is this article practice changing?  If not, what is the next important question to answer?
  8. Leave time for discussion (keep the presentation under 40 slides)
  9. Enjoy!



Evidence Based Medicine: PICO Model

Risk Ratios, Odds Ratios, and Hazard Ratios

Risk Differences and Risk Ratios

Power and Sample Size Calculator

Post Hoc Power Calculator

Non-Inferiority Trials

Superiority vs Non-Inferiority Trials - A Controversy?

Clinical Knowledge from Observational Studies

Bayesian Analysis