School of Medicine


Grant Review Service for Extramural Proposals


The purpose of this service is to provide pre-review of grant proposals prior to their submission to extramural funding agencies.  This service will be provided by several of our faculty who have grant writing and reviewing experience.  For a grant application to be reviewed, it will need to be submitted to 4-6 weeks prior to the grant deadline.  Once assigned for review, the reviewer will provide a critique within 2 weeks, giving the applicant sufficient time to revise the proposal prior to submission to the funding agency.  In the event that you would like to utilize this service, please provide us with the title of the proposal and the abstract, so that we can identify reviewers and facilitate the process.  Intent to submit your proposal for pre-review can be sent to

This service is available not only for completed draft proposals, but can be used for proposals that are in the early stages. The reviewers can evaluate Specific Aims pages for you, prior to embarking on writing the complete proposal. The proposal can also be used for grants that are under revision.  In the event that the grant is being revised, please send the summary statement from your proposal to us as soon as possible.  We can then provide recommendations on how to approach your revision prior to working on the revised proposal.


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