The core is equipped with the most up-to date, state-of-the-art instruments, including the Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 to assess RNA quality, in addition to an Affymetrix Scanner 3000, two GeneChip fluidics stations, a GeneChip Hybridization Oven 640, and a GeneChip bioinformatics system. This system includes a complete laboratory information management system (LIMS), which gives users direct access to their raw data, allowing for organization of data and management of projects, as well as the ability to use Affymetrix Microarray GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS) and Data Mining Tools (DMT) or other third party data analysis packages on their own computers to analyze and query gene expression data. In addition, the Genome Bioinformatics Center allows researchers to use Rosetta software to analyze their own data.