School of Medicine

Section of Clinical Psychology

Grub and Grow Book Club

The Grub & Grow Book Club was created in January 2021 with a strong purpose and mission to engage in personal consciousness-raising and building cultural humility.  Grub and Grow was created to provide an opportunity for individual reflection and group discussion among colleagues in a safe and brave environment. Below you will find our book collection if you are interested learning and reflecting on your own! 

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New to attending a culturally-focused book club? Here is how it works:

  1. Join with an open-mind and eagerness for reflection

  2. Read the assigned section of the book prior to the meeting 

  3. As you read, highlight certain sentences or passages of the book that resonate with you

  4. Come prepared to share your reflections on the book 

  5. Actively listen to others' comments in order to expand your perspective

  6. Join with the intention of sharing honestly, openly, and being mindful of the fact that, while we intend for this space to be safe, we also recognize that discomfort is often an essential part of growth.