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Aesculapian Society Inducts Six New L2 Students

Saman Kamal
Class of 2021, LSUHSC School of Medicine
President, Aesculapian Society

The school year is off to a busy start for the Aesculapian Society. In August we inducted six new L2 students into the Society:

· Katherine Adler

· Isabella Hermantin

· Olivia Leonovicz

· Calvin Rome

· Delena Vanvalkenburg

· Lien Vu

They have displayed incredible enthusiasm for curriculum improvement, particularly during this pandemic with modified course delivery, and commitment to advocating respectfully for their classmates. Elections will be held later this semester, and we anticipate electing eight new L1 students to join the Society to represent the Class of 2024.

To increase transparency and provide classmates with tangible results from their course surveys, the Aesculapian Society released the first edition of the Snapshot, a collection of brief summaries of survey data for the Fall 2019 pre-clinical courses. The Snapshot relays common comments received about a course and describes the corresponding recommendation from Aesculapians to course directors. We will continue to release the Snapshot each semester. We hope the Snapshot inspires students at the School of Medicine to continue to provide actionable feedback for faculty through their course surveys.

In addition, we have modified our surveys to gather data on changes to clinical clerkships during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will present this objective feedback to faculty on virtual content delivery, the effectiveness of patient visits and participation on rounds through Zoom, and provide suggestions for the improvement of virtual clerkship experiences. We continue to be grateful for and impressed by LSUHSC faculty's quick adaptation to the virtual learning environment during the pandemic.