School of Medicine

The Pulse

Congratulations for Promotions and Tenure

Congratulations are in order for the following faculty of the School of Medicine who received promotions and/or tenure, effective July 1, 2020!

Awarded Tenure:

Qinglin Yang, PhD (Department of Pharmacology/Cardiovascular Center of Excellence)

Promoted to Professor:

Ashok Aiyar, PhD (Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology)

Sonia Gasparini, PhD (Department of Anatomy/Neuroscience Center of Excellence)

Jason Gardner, PhD (Department of Physiology)

Kyle Happel, MD (Department of Medicine)

Minghao Jin, PhD (Department of Ophthalmology/Neuroscience Center of Excellence)

Promoted to Professor, Clinical:

Erich Conrad, MD (Department of Psychiatry)

Vinod Dasa, MD (Department of Orthopaedics)

Stephen Deputy, MD (Department of Neurology)

Ryan Pasternak, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

William Risher, MD (Department of Surgery)

Lance Stuke, MD (Department of Surgery)

Promoted to Assistant Professor, Research :

Samarpan Majumder, PhD (Department of Genetics)

Promoted to Associate Professor, Research:

Nicole Villemarette-Pittman, PhD (Department of Neurology)

Emma Schachner, PhD (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy)

Jayc Sedlmayr, PhD (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy)

Promoted to Associate Professor, Clinical:

Grace Athas, PhD (Department of Pathology)

Jeffrey Barton, MD (Department of Surgery)

Tina Benoit-Clark, MD (Department of Medicine)

Kara De Felice, MD (Department of Medicine)

Deidre Devier, PhD (Department of Neurology/Anatomy)

Amanda Dumas, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

Matthew Eng, MD (Department of Anesthesiology)

Dania Felipe-Ramirez, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

Ernest James, MD (Department of Family Medicine)

Amelia Jernigan, MD (Department of OBGYN)

Brent Keith, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

Michelle Loch, MD (Department of Medicine)

Kiran Mallula, MD (Department of Pediatrics/Medicine)

Eva Matthews, MD (Department of Psychiatry)

Mignonne Morrell, MD (Department of Radiology)

Christy Mumphrey, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

Thomas Reske, MD, PhD (Department of Medicine)

Elizabeth Rinker, MD (Department of Pathology)

Nicholas Sells, MD (Department of Medicine)

Diana Thien, MD (Department of Medicine)

Regina Zambrano, MD (Department of Pediatrics/Genetics)

Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor:

Phillip Allen, MD (Department of Otolaryngology)

Daniel Carroll, MD (Department of Surgery)

Michael DiLeo, MD (Department of Otolaryngology)

Mohamed Elkersh, MD (Department of Anesthesiology)

Michelle Gerdes, MD (Department of Dermatology)

Promoted to Clinical Professor:

L. Glen Mire, MD (Department of Family Medicine)

Vernon Rhynes, MD (Department of Surgery)