School of Medicine

The Pulse

Welcome Newcomers!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the following faculty and staff members who have joined the School of Medicine Family between the dates May 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020!


Amie St. Germain - Fiscal Analyst

Center for Healthcare Value and Equity

Allison Dejan - Program Advisor


Community Population Medicine

Elyse Stevens, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical

Comprehensive Medicine

Corey Gregg, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

Hospital Medicine

Karolina Anderson, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

William Baumgartner, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

Brittany Boudreaux, DO - Assistant Professor, Clinical

Andrew Burke, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

Charles Clines, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Lysek, MD - Clinical Assistant Professor

Toni Moran - Coordinator of Academic Area

Seth Vignes, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical

Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine

Manish Rijal - Associate, Research

Kara Ward, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical          


Brandon Fairless, MD - Instructor, Clinical Specialist

Lauren Davis, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical

Katherine Greer, MD - Instructor, Clinical Specialist


Faith Maxwell, PhD - Associate, Research


Mazher Mohammed, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher

Charlotte Pearson - Associate, Research

Kim Pedersen, PhD - Assistant Professor, Research


Aleyda Diaz - Coordinator of Medical Service


Michelle Falgoust, MBA - Residency Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Yanes, MPH - Department Coordinator


Rajani Maiya, PhD - Assistant Professor


Mark Froom, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical


Shawn McKinney, MD, MPH - Professor, Clinical Specialist

LSU Health - Baton Rouge:


Robert Hosse, MD - Instructor, Clinical Specialist   

Martin Marak, MD - Instructor, Clinical Specialist    

Barret Murphy, MD - Instructor, Clinical Specialist

James Walker, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical

LSU Health - Lafayette:


Mark Petijean, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical


Mandy Maness, MD - Assistant Professor, Clinical