2016 RSA Satellite Symposium
LSU Health Sciences Center
Alcohol Abuse Co-morbidities & Triggers for Addiction


Dr. George F. Koob, Director of NIAAA, provides an
overview of addiction neurocircuitry and discusses
NIAAA funding priorities.


Dr. Liz Simon, CARC Investigator, discusses the effects
of chronic binge alcohol and SIV exposure on mechanisms
of skeletal muscle wasting.

Interprofessional Education at LSUHSC

Several CARC faculty have taken a leading role in innovative curriculum development and scholarship in the emerging field of interprofessional education (IPE).  IPE occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other.  Dr. Scott Edwards and Dr. Tekeda Ferguson are part of a faculty advisory team developing a focused IPE training exercise centered on Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).  This annual exercise will commence in 2018 and will include participation from approximately 800 health professions students from 34 campus programs at our health sciences center.  It is the CARC's vision that these efforts to educate future diverse healthcare teams on the effective diagnosis and treatment of AUD and closely related co-morbidities such as HIV will having a wide-reaching and lasting impact on community health. For more information on our efforts to educate future healthcare providers on collaborative treatment of AUD, please see our 2014 publication.  Also available in PDF.

Education and Training


T32 - Biomedical Alcohol Research Training Program

Physiology Graduate Student Program

Physiology Post Doctoral Program

Medical Spanish Intervention

Community Outreach

PhUN Week Activities

Summer Research Program

Community Outreach