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The deadlines for submission of proposals for the Bridge, New Project, Clinical Research Grant Programs, and Healthcare Disparities are  March 9th, July 9th, and November 9th


The Dean of the School of Medicine has put into place four institution grant mechanisms to provide support for faculty research: (1) Bridge Grants, (2) New Project Grants, (3) Clinical Research Grants, and (4) and Healthcare Disparities. Overall Guidelines for the program describe eligibility requirements, a brief description of the application procedure, evaluation criteria, and reporting responsibilities for funded proposals. 

The purpose of the Bridge Grant program is to assist investigators who have previously been funded and are experiencing a temporary disruption in their extramural support.  These investigators can request up to two years of support through this mechanism.  Bridge Grant Submission Guidelines contain the requirements for the preparation of these proposals. 

The purpose of the New Project Grant program is primarily focused on support for new faculty whose start-up funding could not effectively support their current research programs.  Funding of new research directions from established faculty will also be considered.  These grants will provide funding for one year and will require a commitment of Departmental/Center support.  The New Project Proposal guidelines link contains the procedures for the preparation of these proposals.  

The goal of the Clinical Research Grants Program is to foster the development of clinical research projects at the School of Medicine.  The program is available to faculty with clinical appointments, on both the clinical and tenure tracks.  Although the ultimate goal of the program is to obtain extramural grant support from national agencies, it is understood that many of the clinical projects may not be as developed as the Basic Science research proposals.   Requirements for proposal preparation can be found under Guidelines for Clinical Research Proposals. 

The newest opportunity being offered is the Grant for Research on Healthcare Disparities Program (GRHD).  The goal of this program is to support the education, analysis, improvement and innovation in reducing healthcare disparities within our teaching hospitals/academic centers and our communities.  This program is available to all School of Medicine faculty, residents, postdoctoral researchers, and students.  Requirements for proposal preparation can be found under Guidelines for Healthcare Disparities Proposals