School of Medicine


CL Outcomes Research

LSU Health Care Services Division (HCSD) is interested in and supports projects using healthcare data captured at the point of care for research, education and data-driven improvement in health and healthcare delivery.

LSU HCSD’s Healthcare Effectiveness and Medical Informatics teams have significant experience in utilizing data to measure and improve healthcare. This experience is undergirded by extensive data science, quality improvement and informatics knowledge and personnel assets. HCSD has expertise in designing and managing data systems for measurement and research analytics and reporting, and tools for aggregating and analyzing clinical data from electronic health records (EHRs) to inform expert-defined research questions and interventions. HCSD currently has direct access to the data captured in the EHRs at most locations where LSUHSC providers deliver care.

In addition, HCSD builds customized applications, measurement systems, and clinical decision support tools to evaluate the impact of process and outcome interventions, or to present actionable information to information users (e.g. decision makers at the point-of-care). HCSD has multiple systems and methodologies in place supporting population health, and chronic disease and wellness management, including asthma, CKD, COPD, diabetes, heart failure, HIV, lipid and cancer screening, and immunizations. These systems are extensible to any clinical domain, specialty or disease where clinical data and other supplemental data sources are available and responsive to areas of desired impact.

If you or your department has ideas, or you have or would like to generate questions or projects using healthcare data to learn about, measure, or develop research data sets or other informatics outputs, or apply improvements to healthcare delivery, please reach out to Wayne Wilbright, MD ( or John Couk, MD ( at HCSD.