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Office of Medical Education
2020 Gravier Street
Suite 602
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-568-4006
Fax: 504-599-1453

Office of Medical Education

Internal Medicine Procedural Skills and Patient Simulation Training

Curriculum Design

  • Based on standard treatment protocols and principles of best practices
  • Reviewed and validated by content experts
  • Pre-programmed into dynamic and highly interactive scenarios

Learning Objectives

  • Systemic approach to patient assessment and medical management
  • Developing and improving doctor/patient and team communication skills
  • Safe, effective patient care in stressful environments
  • Effective critical reasoning in partially transparent reality
  • Professionalism and Team Training

Method of Teaching

  • Small Group Teaching
  • Resident-focused simulator-based
  • Teaching through inquiry
  • Outcome-based training
  • Controlled stress environment
  • Reinforcement of procedural and cognitive skills

Procedural Skills Training

  • Airway management (Mallampati and 3-3-2 Rule)
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Central Venus Catheterization
    • Ultrasound guided
    • Anatomical Landmarks

Patient Simulation Cases (Adult)

  • Airway assessment and management
  • Effective patient ventilation - manual and mechanical
  • Diagnosis and management of hemodynamically unstable patients
  • Diagnosis and management of patients with multiple trauma (e.g., pneumothorax, internal bleeding. etc.)
  • Diagnosis and management of patient with arrhythmias
  • Diagnosis and management of patient with respiratory problems (e.g., asthma, ARDS, COPD etc)
  • Diagnosis and management of patient with anaphylactic reactions
  • Diagnosis and management of patient with thermal injury
  • Diagnosis and management of patient with shock (e.g., septic, cardiogenic, etc.)