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Lipid Mediators in Health and Disease II:

From the Cutting Edge

A Tribute to Professor Dr. Edward Dennis


7th International Conference on Phospholipase A2

 and Lipid Mediators:

From Bench to Translational Medicine

Honorary Chair:  Nobel Laureate Professor Bengt Samuelsson


Scripps Forum

La Jolla, California, May 19-20, 2016

Thursday, May 19

7:00-7:50 am - Breakfast, Registration and Poster set-up

8:00-8:55 am - Welcome and Introductions - Nicolas G. Bazan followed by Keynote Lecture

  • Bengt Samuelsson  - Role of Basic Science in the Development of New Medicines: Examples from the Eicosanoid Field

8:55-10:10 am - Session 1Inflammation and Oxidized Lipids

Chairpersons: Michel Lagarde and Ken Honn

  • K. Frank Austen - LTE4 stimulation of GPR99 on respiratory epithelial cells regulates mucin release                                    
  • Bruce Levy  - Specialized pro-resolving mediators in lung infection
  • Christopher Glass - Genomics and lipidomics of macrophage activation

10:10–10:30 am - Coffee break

10:40-11:55 am - Session 2:  Sphingolipid Biology and Disease

Chairpersons: Gabor Tigyi and Carlo Patrono

  • Jason Cyster - Lipid mediators as guides and regulators of adaptive immunity   
  • Tim Hla - Vascular and immuno-biology of sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling
  • Richard Proia - Bioluminescence imaging of sphingosine-1-phosphate G protein-coupled receptor activation in living mice

11:55–12:05 pm - Group Photo

12:05-1:20 pm - Lunch and Posters

1:30-2:45 pm - Session 3:  Diversity of Enzymes: Molecular Mechanisms and Biological Function  Chairpersons: Bill Smith and Takao Shimizu

2016 Journal of Lipid Research Lecture

  • Jesper Z. Haeggström - Structure and function of enzymes in the leukotriene cascade       
  • ​Jesus Balsinde - Phospholipase A2-driven phospholipid metabolism during phagocytosis
  • Sasanka Ramanadham - iPLA2b and type 1 diabetes                              

2:45-4:00 pm - Session 4:  Inflammation and Resolution

Chairpersons: Tony Yaksh and Karsten Gronert

  • Ben Cravatt - Mapping lipid pathways in human biology and disease
  • ​Charles N. Serhan - Novel mediators and mechanisms in infectious inflammation-resolution
  • Nicolas Bazan - Molecular principles of cellular DHA uptake, cell function and disease​                  

4:00–4:20 pm - Coffee break

4:25-5:40 pm - Session 5:  Lipids, Membranes, and Disease 
Chairpersons:  George Carman and George Kokotos​

  • Robert Murphy - Metabolism of maresin 1 by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes        
  • Gérard Lambeau - PLA2R1, a puzzling and multifunctional receptor: from discovery to possible functions
  • Mary Roberts - Bacterial phospholipase virulence factors – from phospholipid binding to modulating the target defense response​

5:40-6:30 pm - Lightning talks selected from posters

Chairpersons: Charles N. Serhan and Jerold Chun​

  1. 2016 Journal of Lipid Research Junior Investigator Award - Lipoxin A4 and Lipoxin B4 attenuate adipose tissue inflammation in obese patientsEmma Börgeson, Ville Wallenius, Per Björklund, Marianne Quiding-Järbrink, Kumar Sharma, Catherine Godson (Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Gastrosurgical Research and Education and Diabetes Complications Research Centre, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Conway Institute, University College Dublin, England)
  2. APOE4 genotype dependent deficits in DHA containing phospholipids and DHA transporters in the cerebrovasculature of Alzheimer’s disease patients - Laila Abdullah , James E. Evans, Ben Shackleton, Joseph O. Ojo, Thinh Nguyen, Jon Reed, Michael Mullan, Fiona Crawford and Corbin Bachmeier (Roskamp Institute, Sarasota, FL)
  3. Adipose prostaglandin D2 enhances body weight gain and suppresses lipolysis through DP2 receptors - Ko Fujimori, Eri Wakai, Kosuke Aritake, Yo Oishi, Nanae Nagata, Fumio Amano, Michael Lazarus, and Yoshihiro Urade (Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Osaka Bioscience Institute, Osaka, Japan)
  4. MGST2-generated LTC4 is the major mediator of stress-triggered DNA damage - Efrat Dvash, Adi Katov and Menachem Rubinstein (Department of Molecular Genetics, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel)
  5. APOE ε4 increases the ratio of serum phospholipid arachidonic acid to docosahexaenoic acid and aids in the identification of individuals with preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease - James E. Evans, Laila Abdullah, Tanja Emmerich, Thinh Nguyen, Gogce Crynen, Ben Shackleton, Jon Reed, Andrew P. Keegan, Cheryl Luis, Leon Tai, Mary J. LaDu, Michael Mullan, Fiona Crawford and Corbin Bachmeier (Roskamp Institute, Sarasota, LA)
  6. Pigment Epithelium- Derived Factor (PEDF) regulation of docosanoid-mediated signaling enhances corneal nerve regeneration by targeting neurotrophins, semaphorins, and regeneration associated genes (RAGs) - Thang Luong Pham, Azucena Kakazu, Jiucheng He, Haydee H.P. Bazan (Louisiana State University Health New Orleans, School of Medicine,  Neuroscience Center of Excellence, New Orleans, LA)
  7. Subcellular localization of a 2-arachidonoyl glycerol signaling cassette in developing retinal ganglion cell axons is consistent with formation of hotspots - David T. Stark, Joseph Caprioli (Stein Eye Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA)
  8. Normalizing Membrane Phospholipid Derangement from Epigenetic Insults in Neurological Disease with Lipids and ResolvinsPatricia C. Kane, Shideh Pouria, Annette L. Cartaxo, Kristine Gedroic, Damien Downing, Thomas Wnorowski, Edward Kane, Mark O’Neal Speight (Director, NeuroLipid Research Foundation, Millville, New Jersey, USA)
  9. Maresin 1 modulates hypoxia-induced and lipotoxic ER stress in primary hepatocytesBibiana Rius, Esther Titos, Cristina López-Vicario, A. Lopategi, Mireia Casulleras, José Alcaraz-Quiles, Joan Clària (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS, Barcelona, Spain)
  10. Identification of Cyclooxygenase-related Enzymes in Bacteria - Zahra Mashhadi, William E. Boeglin, and Alan R. Brash (Department of Pharmacology and the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA)

6:30–7:15pm - Reception

7:15-8:30 pm - Conference Dinner for all Registered Participant

Friday, May 20

7:00 to 7:50am - Breakfast

8:00-9:55 am - Session 6:  Phospholipases and Lipid Signaling 

Chairpersons: Nicolas G. Bazan and Alan Brash

  • Welcome Chancellor UC San Diego; Dr. Pradeep K. Khosla
  • ​Edward A. Dennis - Phospholipase A2 and Lipid Mediators
  • Shuh Narumiya - Prostaglandins and immune inflammation
  • John Burke - Structural and dynamic studies of phosphoinositide signaling enzymes in health and disease
  • Larry Marnett - Modulation of endocannabinoid metabolism by COX-2

9:55-10:15 am - Coffee break

10:20-11:35 am - Session 7:  Inflammation and Obesity
Chairpersons: Jesper Z. Haeggström and Andreas Plückthun

  • Michael Karin - From inflammation to immunity: Understanding cancer and improving its treatment
  • Yasuhito Shrai - Function of diacylglycerol kinase
  • Dennis Vance - The unexpected role of phospholipid methylation in diabetes and obesity

11:35 am–12:50 pm - Session 8:  Phospholipid Signaling
Chairpersons: Robert E. Anderson and Jean Vance

  • ​Richard Phipps - Resolvins in airway inflammation: An effective therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
  • Jack Dixon - A novel family of secretory kinases
  • ​Makoto Murakami - Novel roles of the phospholipase A2 family in metabolic regulation

12:50-1:50 pm - Lunch and Posters

1:55-2:45 pm - Session 9:  Lysolipids as Mediators of Disease

Chairpersons: Suzanne E. Barbour and Joan Clària

  • Sarah Spiegel - Sphingosine-1-phosphate rheostat
  • Junken Aoki - ATX-LPA1 axis contributes to proliferation of chondrocytes by regulating fibronectin assembly leading to proper cartilage formation

2:45-3:35 pm - Session 10:  Phospholipids and Lysolipids in Disease

Chairpersons: Tim Hla and Sophie Layé

  • Jerold Chun - Diseases involving lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) or sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P)  receptor signaling
  • Joan Heller Brown - Sphingosine 1-phosphate signaling in inflammation and disease

3:35-4:00 pm - Coffee break


4:00-5:15 pm - Session 11: New Frontiers 

Chairpersons: Marianne Schultzberg and Nicos A. Petasis

  • ​Takao Shimizu - ​Mechanism of glycerophospholipid diversity and its biological consequence
  • Hiroyuki Arai - Cellular responses to loading with excess SFAs or PUFAs
  • Jean-Pierre Changeux - Lipids as allosteric modulates of ligand-gated ion channels

5:15-5:45 pm - Concluding Reflections

  • Nicolas G. Bazan and the Organizing Committee (Jerold Chun, Jesper Z. Haeggström, Tim Hla, Charles N. Serhan, and Takao Shimizu)
  • Edward A. Dennis