In creating this issue of The Pulse, I had the opportunity to talk to medical student Shakira Harding about the cadaver ceremony held each year to honor the individuals who donate their bodies to science and medical education. It was an incredibly moving conversation that enlightened me about the true impact of this gift on both medical education and the humanity of our future physicians. Shakira and her fellow students also generously shared some photographs with us, so if you are not familiar with this event please make sure you take a look at the article in Top Stories.

On a completely different note, as editor of The Pulse it never crossed my mind that I would have the opportunity to feature stories about dinosaurs and space. But this issue has an article highlighting faculty contributions to both of those subjects, also in Top Stories.

As many as 80,000 children live with IBD and its painful symptoms. I was excited to learn that Dr. Derick Moulton has been recruited to the TG and Doris Solomon Family Endowed Chair for the Study of Crohn’s Disease and Related Disorders, providing families with additional resources, insight and expertise who are facing this chronic disease. More about Dr. Moulton’s background can be found in SOM Achievements/New Faculty and Staff.

Finally, although I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick Reed on various projects for several years, I somehow did not know the full scope of his work as director of the Office of Technology Management. I hope you enjoy the highlights of our conversation which can be found under In the Spotlight.

As always, I want to extend my gratitude to all the faculty and staff who took the time to share their information with me, who check my work, and who take it from documents to the actual online newsletter – we would not have a newsletter without you! Please keep the good news coming – my email is