Bridge Grants


Charles Nichols, PhD.

"Combining Mammalian and Drosophila Systems to Study Depression"


Siqiong June Liu, PhD.

"Psychological Stress Reduces Endocannabinoid tone: Mechanisms and Possible Treatments"


Sharmila Shankar, PhD

"Significance of Engrailed 2 in Pancreatic Carcinogenesis"


Eric Lazartiques, PhD.

"Neuronal ADAM17 is a Hub for Sympatho-excitation and Neuro-inflammation"




Clinical Research Grants


Matthew Lammi, MD.

"Transpulmonary Endothelial Microparticles in Systematic Sclerosis-Associated Pulmonary Hypertension"


Moises Arriaga, MD, MBA, FACS and Jennifer Lentz, PhD.

"Assessment of Balance and Vestibular Function in USH1 C Patients"


Deidre Devier, PhD, and Michael Charlet, MD.

"Psychosocial support via telemedicine in the ALS multidisciplinary clinic"



New Project Grants



Resident Research Grants


Katrina M. Gleditsch, DO, Fern Tsien, PhD, and Andrew Hollenbach, PhD.

"Intratumoral Genetic Heterogeneity in Pediatric Alveolar Rhabdomyosacrcoma"


Xinran Maria Xiang, MD, and Jeremy Toler, MD.

"Pilot Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effect of Oral Pulsed Methyfprednisorone on Seizure Frequency in Pediatric Patients with Idiopathic Intractable Convufsive Epilepsy "


Anna Kuan-Celarier, MD, and Navya Nair, MD.

"Circulating HPV DNA Level as a Biomarker for Cervical Dysplasia and Cancer: Validation of an Assay"


Palak Patel, MD, and Michael Dunham, MD.

"A Mobile Device for the Autonomous Diagnosis of Pediatric Skin Lesions Using a Convolutional Neural Network"


Hector De Jesus, MD, Emma Schachner, PhD, and Bradley Spieler, MD.

"Three-dimensional (3D) digital anatomical modeling of the vertebrate cardiopulmonary system: clinical and evolutionary applications"


Jason Henry, MD, and Matthew Lammi, MD.

"Persistent ACTH-independent Hypercortisolism as an Early Indicator of Chronic Illness"


Addy Reine, MD, and Tiffany Wesley, MD.

"Diabetics Increasing Culinary Experience"