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LSU Orthopaedic Research Collaborator, Nathan Lemoine, Talks Athletic Performance Advancements for LSU in New York Times Feature

Nathan Lemoine, now the lead researcher for LSU Athletics, provides insight into the current state of sports science at LSU in a recently published New York Times' article. The school is a leading force in utilizing cutting-edge technology to keep their athletes performing at the highest levels. The LSU Department of Orthopaedics has contributed and continues to support the work of Nathan and his team.  

Athletes at LSU undergo a litany of diagnostic testing to help improve their performance and help researchers determine what comes next. Blood and sweat analysis, stem-cell injections and a new $28 million football facility are just a few of the ways the school invests in the advancement of athletic performance for student athletes.

In addition to discussing current studies and testing, the article shed light on the privacy concerns of the students involved. Collection of the biometric data and study participation, at least for LSU, is completely voluntary and there have been several athletes who've opted out.

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dr_rivera Photo Credit: Emily Kask, The New York Times

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