Dr. Claudia Leonardi's Lab

Assistant Professor of Research, Louisiana State University – Health Sciences Center
School of Public Health - Behavioral and Community Health Sciences


2020 Gravier Street, Suite 361
New Orleans, LA 70112


(504) 599-1111


Dr. Leonardi is an Assistant Professor within Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - a research, teaching, and service oriented academic program of the School of Public Health. She is a biostatistician with more than 15 years of research experience. She consulted and collaborated on numerous projects in the basic, clinical and population sciences, and I have therefore acquired extensive experience in a variety of statistical areas including multilevel analysis, mixed model, logistic regression, survival analysis and other statistical techniques. She collaborated with the Department of Surgery and the Department of Orthopedics within the School of Medicine by providing study design and statistical support to progress ideas into projects/grants and papers. Furthermore, her research focus has expanded onto exploring the social determinants of health. As a PI and co-PI of pilot projects, she and various collaborators investigated the social determinants of health disparities as they relate to modifiable, social and nutritive stressors in the community environment of New Orleans.


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