School of Medicine

Department of Orthopaedics

Bronson Fong

Bronson Fong



Slidell, LA

What medical school did you attend?
Louisiana State University - New Orleans

What undergraduate school did you attend? What did you study?
Louisiana State University - Econometrics

What were you looking for in a residency program when you selected LSU?

  • Early operative experience
  • Earned autonomy as an upper level (patient selection, surgical approach, picks vendors and implants, clinical follow up plan)
  • Dedicated PhD's and statisticians to assist with research
  • Good mix of private, academic, and safety net experiences

What advice would you give to incoming residents?
Always work hard, be honest, and strive to have a positive attitude. This will be enough 95% of the time. For the other 5%, be adaptable. Learn from your mistakes, find ways to be more efficient/effective, and solve the problems no one else on the team realize exist.