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Charles Hansen




What medical school did you attend?
Louisiana State University New Orleans

What undergraduate school did you attend? What did you study?
Louisiana State University








Resident Spotlight:

Hailing from Sulphur, Louisiana, PGY-5 resident Dr. Charles Hansen, is an LSU Medical School alumnus who made his way to orthopedic surgery via, construction and, well, fidgeting.

“I not only did woodworking and played sports, but I built things on a farm, and I was accustomed to power tools. Orthopedics is essentially woodworking minus the risk of a table saw taking one of your digits. In addition, my extreme ADHD automatically ruled out any future career in medicine because I can’t sit still and write notes all day. I need to be moving and solving problems in order to stay focused, so the OR was a great fit.”

“I have been so pleased that the LSU staff work very well together. And the autonomy that we are given early on is unusual and thrilling. We see a wide variety of complex patients, many whose medical issues are exacerbated by problems with Medicaid, transportation, etc. I am confident that when LSU orthopedic residents get out into the real world’ there aren’t many things that we have not already seen or at least know how to handle.”


“There have been so many examples of complex patients throughout my residency—complex in the case itself and in the social factors postoperatively. Often, fractures are old by the time they finally show up to clinic; they can be challenging but the complexity of the cases just prepares you to handle any fracture.”

Asked about his most memorable time at LSUHSC he notes, “It was once when Dr. Zura yelled at me in the OR (I 100% deserved it) and then without any resentment went right back to operating and teaching me how to fix whatever fracture we were fixing. I responded well to that and knew he was going to make me a great surgeon!”

“I will soon be heading for an adult reconstruction fellowship in Wisconsin,” says Dr. Hansen. “And because of the training here, I will be prepared for anything.”