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Loyola Biology Professor & LSU Department of Orthopaedics Research Collaborator, Discusses Challenges of Teaching Molecular Biology During COVID-19

Kim Mix

Kim Mix, a collaborator with the health disparities research group has published an article on her experience as a professor at Loyola University New Orleans teaching molecular biology during this uncertain period. Kim reflects on the challenges of teaching in a world where often media overpowers science, particularly in the absence of peer reviewed sources. However, in seeking to educate on these difficulties with her microbiology class, Kim took a different approach to the traditional teaching methods and covered the spread of both the virus and misinformation.

"Collaborating with the health disparities research group in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery has given me valuable lessons to return to my students at Loyola University New Orleans," says Kim. "I believe that health disparities can be disrupted through education. Teaching students to challenge pseudoscience and spread only good science can have a profound impact on public health. In light of the outbreak in New Orleans, I share my story of teaching molecular genetics to future scientists and physicians."

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