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LSU Orthopaedics Leading the Charge Against Opioid Epidemic

In observance of Opioid Epidemic Awareness Week, faculty and researchers from the LSU Department of Orthopaedics showcasetheir efforts to reduce the need for opioids after surgery. 

LSU Orthopedics is committed to ending this epidemic through innovation, technology, and education. From the development of new techniques to imparting knowledge of the latest advancements to residents, LSU Orthopaedic Vice-Chair and Director of Research, Dr. Vinod Dasa is at the forefront of opiate-free surgery. 

Dr. Dasa's patients have some of the lowest opioid usage rates, and the LSU Orthopaedic team prescribes the fewest number of opioids for knee replacements than any other group in Louisiana. 

Hear from LSU Orthopaedic Department Head, Dr. Robert Zura, Research Director, Dr. Dasa, and a former patient as they discussthe importance and effectiveness of LSU's efforts in the video below.

If you would like to contribute to the groundbreaking research that is helping patients become less reliant on medication for pain management and allowing for quicker recovery times, consider making a gift to the LSU Health Foundation

LSU Orthopaedic Research

The orthopaedic research team at LSU Health includes faculty, clinicians, residents, students, and researchers interested in finding answers to today's most pressing orthopaedic illnesses. The group searches for innovative solutions that will help all patients, as well as for each individual patient. Students and residents take an active role in the work to ensure they have the skills and training in conducting research that will yield answers and develop strategic methods for utilizing these answers across our care continuum throughout the state and region.

LSU Health Foundation 

The LSU Health Foundation New Orleans is an institutionally-related 501(c)(3) organization that supports LSU Health New Orleans and its fourfold mission of education, patient care, research, and community outreach. LSU Health treats over one million patients annually and is Louisiana's largest safety-net healthcare system. LSU Health especially prides itself on the many community outreach activities in which its faculty, residents, and students are engaged.


Department of Orthopaedics