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Department of Orthopaedics






Patient Care

Our commitment to each and every patient is quality care. We do this by delivering compassionate healthcare across the state with multiple locations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.

We have clinicians dedicated to every orthopaedic subspecialty, so we can quickly and promptly confer with each patient and provide an expert diagnosis.

Our experience includes working with teams most beloved by Louisianans. From Saturday night in the Bayou to Sundays in the Superdome to the high school fields and weekend warriors, our caregivers utilize their experience to help each athletic patient just as we help each patient who visits our clinic or office.

What sets us apart is we listen. We believe in working with the patient to identify the diagnosis and find the right solution for their healthcare needs. We pride ourselves on delivering quality healthcare to every individual, regardless of circumstance or condition, by treating the “whole patient” for maximum function.