Acoustic Neuroma Association

Patient founded in 1981, ANA is an incorporated, non-profit organization, recognized as such by the IRS, and is supported by contributions from its members. The association also furnishes information on patient rehabilitation to physicians and health care personnel, promotes research on acoustic neuroma, and educates the public regarding symptoms suggestive of acoustic neuroma, thus promoting early diagnosis and successful treatment.  

The mission of ANA is to inform, educate and provide national and local support networks for those affected by acoustic neuromas, and to be an essential resource for health care professionals who treat acoustic neuroma patients. The Acoustic Neuroma Association provides information and support to patients who have been diagnosed with or experienced an acoustic neuroma or other benign problem affecting the cranial nerves.

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Hearing and Balance Center

Under the direction of Moisés Arriaga, MD, MBA, FACS, our dedicated Hearing and Balance program has thrived since its inception in 2005 and has enjoyed an impressive and steady expansion over the years.

The LSU Hearing and Balance team is made up of an extraordinary group of professionals with diverse expertise. With Dr. Arriaga and Dr. Rahul Mehta, MD, FRCS, the division boasts two fellowship-trained neurotologists and a support team that involves nine Audiologists, three Vestibular (balance) Physical Therapists, three Nurse Practitioners, and a Facial Paralysis Rehabilitation Therapist.

The services we provide include diagnosis, treatment and therapy for a vast array of problems affecting the ear and the surrounding parts of the head and skull base. The conditions we treat include:

  • Hearing loss and deafness
  • Comprehensive hearing analysis: audiometry, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing, oto-acoustic emissions and auditory brainstem response testing for infants, children and adults
  • Traditional and digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices
  • Cochlear implants and implantable hearing aids
  • Chronic ear and mastoid infections
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) management including Tinnitus Retraining Devices and active therapy
  • Tumors (benign and malignant) of the ear and temporal bone, including acoustic neuroma, glomus tumors, squamous cell cancer, and others
  • Dizziness and other balance disturbances from a wide variety of causes, including Meniere’s disease, inner ear infections, autoimmune diseases, cardiac and blood pressure-related conditions, strokes, head injuries and other neurologic conditions.
  • Comprehensive balance evaluations including electrophysiological testing, rotary-chair balance testing, posturography platform assessment, video-nystagmography, vestibular evoked potentials, and others
  • Rehabilitative balance therapy for patients who are at risk for falls
  • Canalith repositioning procedures to restore inner ear balance function
  • Facial nerve testing and facial paralysis rehabilitation and reconstruction (discussed further in the section on Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)
  • Multidisciplinary Team management for all Vestibular, Cochlear Implant and Facial Reanimation cases
  • Laser Microsurgery and Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Contact Information
Address: 7777 Hennessy Boulevard
     Suite 709              
            Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone: (225) 765-7735
Fax:     (225) 765-1023


The Physicians


Arriaga Mehta
Moises A. Arriaga, MD
Lateral Skull Base Surgery
Rahul Mehta, MD
Lateral Skull Base Surgery