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Research Facilities



Laboratory for Usher Syndrome Research
Neuroscience Center of Excellence, LSU School of Medicine New Orleans

The overall goal of Dr. Jennifer Lentz's research is to develop a therapeutic approach to prevent or cure the deafness and blindness associated with Usher syndrome (Usher), the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness.

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Farris Lab
LSU School of Medicine New Orleans

The Farris Lab, led by Dr. Hamilton Farris, focuses on the neurobiology and behavior of sensory processing. Grounded in the field of neuroethology, the lab works with diverse taxa to understand the limits of discrimination and detection of visual and auditory communication signals. 

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Busso/Walvekar Labs (B/W)
Otolaryngology Department, LSU School of Medicine New Orleans

Led by Dr. Rohan Walvekar and Dr. Carlos Busso, the Busso/Walvekar labs constist of three distinct laboratories located in the Department of Otolaryngology (ENT) in the Mervin L. Trail, MD Clinical Sciences Research Building.

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Kunduk Laryngeal Imaging Lab
LSU/Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (LSU-COMD), Baton Rouge

The Laryngeal Imaging Lab, led by Dr. Melda Kunduk focuses on furthering the objective assessment and treatment techniques of voice and swallowing disorders in clinical practice. 

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