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Resident Research

The research studies produced by the department are shepherded by our Otolaryngology Research Committee. The committee is comprised of esteemed faculty and associated staff whose primary goal is to support and guide our physician investigators through the process of research study development, implementation and scholarly output.

All residents are encouraged to engage in research studies and collaborative efforts with institutions locally, nationally and internationally. Specifically for our resident physicians, the department hosts an annual Resident Research and Alumni Day at the culmination of each academic year to allow Residents and Fellows to present their studies to other physicians and associated alumni in the field. The Otolaryngology Department at LSUHSC-NO is a group of devoted mentors who are as passionate about their research activities as they are about the patients for which they are called to serve.

Annual Resident Research and Alumni Day

Dedicated to Dr. Mervin L. Trail, MD

An annual event each spring that coordinates with resident graduation, the Resident Research and Alumni Day (RRAD) is designed to recognize the scholarly activities of our residents, students, fellows, and faculty, and to acknowledge the contributions made by the alumni of our Department in support of the educational process.

Every year, each resident is required to conduct a scientific research project. An exception is for the PGY2 class, who may present a case report if they do not yet have a full scientific project completed as they do not have their research block until their PGY3 year. Upon completion of the project, each resident is to write a summary manuscript that is fit for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. We emphasize the principles of research that are important for clinical practice, including focus, strategy, planning, scientific reasoning, problem-solving, critique, documentation, and presentation skills. The research must conform to generally accepted standards of experimental designs, data collection, and analysis. 

These studies are then presented during the RRAD to the faculty, alumni, and a panel of judges, with an award presented to the resident with the best overall project and presentation. A Guest of Honor is selected annually to give a lecture of their choice and serve on the panel of judges. Additional awards giving during the RRAD include Alumnus of the Year and Teacher of the Year.

25th Annual Resident Research and Alumni Day

The 25th Annual Resident Research Day was held June 17th, 2022 from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Distinguished Guest Speaker to be announced. 

The annual event is dedicated to Mervin L. Trail.


Resident Research and Alumni Day 2022

Previous Resident Research Winners

  • 1997 - Matthew K. Money, MD and Kathy L. Chauvin, MD
  • 1998 - Michael J. Hammett MD
  • 1999 - Chen Xie, MD
  • 2000 - P. Elise Scallan-Lalonde, MD
  • 2001 - Matthew H. Steele, MD
  • 2002 - Darryl T. Mueller, MD
  • 2003 - Jason P. Hunt, MD
  • 2004 - Robert E. Ostendorf, MD
  • 2005 - Justin M. Tenney, MD
  • 2007 - Emily L. Burke, MD
  • 2008 - Amy G. Rabalais, MD
  • 2009 - Brad W. LeBert, MD
  • 2010 - Jacques E. Gaudet, MD
  • 2011 - Jacques E. Gaudet, MD
  • 2012 - Jacques E. Gaudet, MD
  • 2013 - Neal M. Jackson, MD
  • 2014 - Kevin Taheri, MD
  • 2015 - Evan Longfield, MD
  • 2016 - Rachel A. Barry, MD
  • 2017 - Tyler W. Crosby, MD
  • 2018 - Tyler W. Crosby, MD
  • 2019 - Vilija Vaitaitis, MD
  • 2020 - Tyler W. Crosby, MD
  • 2021 - Kelsey Doguet, MD



LSU SOM Research Enhancement Program Resident Research Grants

A Microlaryngoscopy Surgical Simulator for Resecting Vocal Fold Carcinoma Incorporating Phantom Tumor Modeling and Oncologic Margin Detection

Sara Bressler, MD and Michael Dunham, MD (PI)

A Surgical Site Evacuator for Open Airway Surgery

Kody Bolk, MD and Michael Dunham, MD (PI)

Characterization of the Metabolic Phenotype in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Christine Settoon, MD and Larissa Sweeny, MD (PI)

Novel Transoral Approach to the Hyoid Bone - Reinventing Thyroglossal Duct Excision

Ashley Kraft, MD and Rohan Walvekar, MD (PI)

Computational Modeling of Laryngotracheal Stenosis: Correlation with Pulmonary Function Measures and Disease Characterization

Tyler Crosby, MD and Michael Dunham, MD (PI)


Current Resident Research Publications and Presentations

Mays, A., Phalke, N., Poche, N., Settoon, C. Opioid Prescribing Patterns Across Head and Cancer Oncology Teams and Otolaryngology Providers. AHNS - COSM 2022 Poster Presentations.

Kraft, A., Mueller, K., Hernandez, S. Retrobulbar amphoteric B in the Treatment of Invasive Fungal Rhinosinustiis with Orbital Involvement: a Case series. ARS - COSM 2022 Poster Presentations.

Bolk, K., Hernandez, S. , Sowder, J. Composite Reverse Septal Flap after Oncologic Resection Including subtotal septectomy for reconstruction and re-establishment of nasal tip support. ARS - COSM 2022 Poster Presentations.

Hernandez, S. , Phalke, N. Comparison of Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block vs Topical Anesthetic for Post-operative Pain Control after Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. ARS - COSM 2022 Poster Presentations.

Matthews, C., McWhorter, A. Xanthogranulomatous Inflammation of Trachea Resulting from Vape-related Inhalation injury. ABEA - COSM 2022 Poster Presentations.

Crosby TW, Adkins L, McWhorter AJ, Kunduk M. Predicting need for operative intervention in recurrent laryngotracheal stenosis using interoperative changes in spirometric measures. ABEA Section - COSM 2020 Virtual Poster Session

Poynot, W. J., Gonthier, K. A., Dunham, M. E., & Crosby, TW. (2020). Classification of tracheal stenosis in children based on computational aerodynamics. Journal of Biomechanics, 104, 109752.

Mcdaniel LS, Poynot WJ, Gonthier KA, Dunham ME, Crosby TW. Image-Based 3-Dimensional Characterization of Laryngotracheal Stenosis in Children. OTO Open. 2018;2(1):2473974X17753583

Crosby TW, Dunham, ME; Gonthier KA, Poynot WJ. Computational Fluid Dynamics Evaluation of Pediatric Laryngotracheal Stenosis. 2019 Triological Society Annual Meeting Poster Session (First Place Winner in Laryngology)

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Crosby TW. Predicting need for operative intervention in recurrent laryngotracheal stenosis using interoperative changes in spirometric measures - ongoing research into the utility of spirometric measures in predicting need for surgery in recurrent laryngotracheal stenosis patients. COSM - ABEA Section Virtual Poster Session - Spring 2020. Submitted for publication to Laryngoscope, peer review pending

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