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April 9, 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected every aspect of care provided by otolaryngologists in Louisiana and worldwide.  Daily, we are learning new details about the disease.  We strive to manage under circumstances in which our usual health care methods, tools, and resources have either become scarce, or have been rendered unavailable to us in this new and unfamiliar context.  In order to provide the very best care possible, and to protect our patients, our staff, and each other from harm, it is imperative that otolaryngologists stay current with the rapidly emerging body of literature on this disease. It is also critical that we innovate, collaborate, and seek best practices in rendering care in this new and fluid paradigm.

To help our Louisiana Otolaryngology colleagues meet these truly unique challenges, we have organized this library of the most up-to-date literature guiding our actions.  We hope it can offer a ray of light in these uncertain times. This library, which contains references to important recent publications, discoveries, communications, and other valuable information sources, has been assembled with input from LSU Otolaryngology faculty, fellows, residents, alumni, and staff. It will continue to grow and change as our understandings of COVID-19 evolve. We hope it will be rendered unnecessary in short order, but our intention is to continue to build it and refine it until that day arrives. Meanwhile, we must keep in mind that this COVID experience, even after the pandemic has long passed, will likely bring previously unforeseen changes to our discipline, and will present opportunities for positive and valuable change in the future. Let us embrace both the challenges and the opportunities. 

Isaac Erbele, MD, Fellow in Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery

Daniel Nuss, MD, FACS, George D. Lyons Professor and Chair

Update May 17, 2020 Highlights:

COVID and general otolaryngology

COVID biology and testing

Personal protective equipment

Airway management


Head and neck




Shared decision making for proceeding with non-elective cases

Additional resources for otolaryngologists