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Didactics are held on Thursdays in the Human Development  Center on the 1st Floor.

7:30am: Grand Rounds

8:30am: M&M 

9:30am: Cohn's Conference




3rd Year Clerkship

The nine-week surgery clerkship is an intense clinical experience that introduces students to the basic principles of surgery. The clerkship is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills relevant to surgical management that all physicians should possess. In addition, it aims to emphasize teamwork, patient responsibility, and professional behavior as essential qualities for young physicians to develop.  We hope that the three months you spend on the surgical services will be rewarding and educational.

Students rotate on the Surgical Teams at various hospitals in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette areas.  Six weeks of general surgery and one three-week block of surgical subspecialty make up the rotation.  During the rotations, students learn pre-, peri-, and post-operative evaluation and management of surgical diseases, and participate in surgical procedures. Time is spent on the wards, in outpatient clinics, and in the operating room.

The goal of the surgical experience is to impart an understanding of the basic principles of surgery so that the student will acquire an informational base from which surgical disease can be recognized and appropriate treatment initiated.  This is accomplished through direct patient care, faculty and resident teaching, and a series of lectures and conferences. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on clinical experience and personal interaction with patients.  The experience in surgery is intended to prepare students for whatever area of medicine they may choose for residency.

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Visiting Students

Medical students from AAMC accredited medical schools outside of the LSU systems are eligible for surgery electives during their final year of medical school. These electives are available year round in blocks of four weeks with the selection limited to eight weeks. There are several types of electives available including general/trauma surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery and pediatric surgery. Detailed information can be found on the VSAS Website - . There visiting students can go and apply for our surgery electives. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Surgery Clerkship Coordinator.


Angie LeBoeuf