School of Medicine

Department of Surgery


Bariatric Surgery

Michael Cook, MD
Director of Bariatric Surgery, UMC

Vance Albaugh, MD

James Leithead, MD

Philip Schauer, MD


Colon & Rectal Surgery

Guy Orangio, MD
Division Chief and Fellowship Program Director

Louis Barfield, MD

Elyse Bevier-Rawls, MD

Matthew Boudreaux, MD

Richard Byrd, MD

Kurt Davis, MD

Kelly Finan, MD

Nathan Hite, MD

Michael Horaist, MD

Aaron Klinger, MD

Valentine Nfonsam, MD
Department Chair


General Surgery

John Morrison Jr, MD
Division Chief & Vice Chair of Education

Vance Albaugh, MD

Charles Chappuis Jr, MD
Site Director University Health Center, Lafayette

Phillip Gachassin, MD
Site Director Lafayette General Medical Center, Lafayette

Ian Hodgdon, MD

James "Buddy" Leithead, MD

John Paige, MD

V. Keith Rhynes, MD
Site Director Our Lady of the Lake, Baton Rouge

Philip Schauer, MD
Bariatric Surgery, Fellowship Program Director

John Whitaker, MD


Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery

Frank Pigula, MD
Divison Chief

Jamie Dorotan, MD

Timothy Pettitt, MD


Pediatric General Surgery

Fabienne Gray, MD

Jessica Zagory, MD


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Hugo St. Hilaire, MD, DDS
Division Chief

Kelly Babineaux, MD

Jonathan Boraski, MD

Charles Dupin, MD
Residency and Fellowship Program Director

Frank Lau, MD

Mohamad Masoumy, MD, MS

Hamid Massiha, MD

Delora Mount, MD

Mark Stalder, MD

Sharon Stanley, MD

Charles "Ty" Tuggle, MD

Daniel Womac, MD


Surgical Oncology

Mary Maluccio, MD
Division Chief, Director, Neuroendocrine Tumor Program

Peter Bostick, MD

J. Phillip Boudreaux, MD

Jason Breaux, MD

Henry Kaufman IV, MD

John Lyons, MD 

Shawn McKinney, MD, MPH
Director of Breast Services, University Medical Center

Omeed Moaven, MD

John H. Stewart IV, MD, MBA
Director, Louisiana State University, New Orleans - Louisiana Children's Medical Center Cancer Center

Ramcharan Thiagarajan, MD

J. Chris Watson, MD


Trauma / Critical Care Surgery, Burn Surgery

John Hunt, MD, MPH
Division Chief, Trauma Director UMC, Fellowship Program Director

Jeffrey Carter, MD
Burn Director, UMC

Patrick Greiffenstein, MD
Student Clerkship Co-Director

Alan Marr, MD
Vice Chair of Informatics

Herbert Phelan, MD, MSCS
Vice Chair of Surgical Research

Jonathan Schoen, MD

Alison A. Smith, MD, PhD

Lance Stuke, MD, MPH 
General Surgery Residency Program Director


Vascular Surgery

Malachi Sheahan III, MD
Division Chief, Residency and Fellowship Program Director

Tina Barcelona, RN

Robert Batson, MD

Estela Brooke, MD

Amit Chawla, MD
Chief of Vascular Surgery, VA Medical Center

Melissa Donovan, MD
Student Clerkship Co-Director

Jonathan Gisclair, DPM

Larry Hollier, MD

Tapash Palit, MD

William Risher, MD

Claudie Sheahan, MD

Kelli Summers, MD

Bruce Torrance III, MD
Chief Academic Officer, West Jefferson Medical Center 



Faculty Members



Gratis Appointments


Adhvaryu, Dhaval, MD
Ahmad, Rasheed, MD
Albaugh, Vance, MD
Al-Dahir, Sara, PharmD, BCPS
Al-Efishat, Mohammad, MD
Allen, Robert, MD
Aslam, Rizwan, MD
Barfield, Louis, MD
Beck, David, MD
Bellfi, Lillian, PharmD
Bentley, Karalyn, MD
Bernal, Eileen, MD
Berry, Buford, MD
Bismuth, Jean, MD
Black, Elliott, MD
Boedefeld, William, MD
Bolton, John, MD
Bostick, Peter, MD
Boudreaux, Benjamin, MD
Brandt, Mary, MD
Brashear, Jarret, MD
Breaux, Edgar, MD
Brevard, Sidney, MD
Bringaze, Walter, MD
Buell, Joseph, MD
Byrd, Richard, MD
Campeau, Lisa, MD
Caspi, Joseph, MD
Cassidy, Emily, MD
Cayton, Stewart, MD
Chaffin, Abigail, MD
Champagne, Kenneth, MD
Chao, Lynn, MD
Chiasson, Edward, MD
Christakis, Ares, MD
Cobb, Danielle, MD
Conners, Michael, MD
Contreary, Kelvin, MD
Corne, Jr., Louis, MD
Countryman, David, MD
Craighead, Claude, MD
Craven, James, MD
Cueto, Jorge, MD
Cummiskey, Robert, MD
Cusimano, Luke, MD
Cuntz, Cecilia, MD
Cusimano, Luke, MD
Daugherty, R. Scott, MD 
Dauterive, Edward, MD 
Davis, Jr., P. Michael, MD
Dean, John, MD
Deboisblanc, Rene, MD
Delatte, Stephen, MD
Dellacroce, Frank, MD
Depp, David, MD
Desselle, Wesley, MD
Dieffenbach, Kenneth, MD
DiVincenti, Frank, MD
Doucet, Lucius, MD
Dreschnack, Paul, MD
Duchesne, Juan, MD
Duke, Marquinn, MD
Dupont, Joseph, MD
Everson, Charles, MD
Fahr, Michael, MD
Field, Richard, MD
Finan, Kelly, MD
Fingerhut, Abe, MD
Ford, Edward, MD
Foti, C., MD
Freel, Andrew, MD
Frusha, John, MD
Garcelon, James, MD
George, Eric, MD
Ghere, Mary, MD
Glass, Cynthia, MD
Gordon, Stephen, MD
Griffin, Joseph, MD
Gruenwald, Charles, MD
Gruner, Jeffrey, MD
Guidry, Chrissy, MD
Guidry, London, MD
Guste, John, MD
Gwin, Taylor, MD
Hanemann, Michael, MD
Hankins, Adam, MD
Hansbrough, Faith, MD
Hargroder, Andrew, MD
Harris, Charles, MD
Harrison, Lynn, MD
Hastings, Laurel, MD
Hastings, Paul, MD
Hausmann, Mark, MD
Heck, Jr., Herman MD
Helm, Edward G., MD         
Hicks, Terry, MD
Hill Jr., Charles B. MD
Hirsch, Alec, MD
Hogan, M'liss, MD
Ingram, James, MD
Irfan, Wajeeh, MD
Jacome, Tomas, MD
Jansen, David, MD
Jastram, Charles, PharmD
Jhunjhunwala, Jay, MD
Kaplan, Jonathan, MD
Karlin, Richard, MD
Khan, Azeem, MD
Khoobehi, Kamran, MD


Killackey, Mary, MD
King, Brett, MD
Kline, Albert, MD
Klinger, Aaron, MD
Kober, Ronald, MD
Kopari, Nicole, MD
Kukuy, Eugene, MD
Kuy, Sreyram, MD
Laborde, Kenneth, MD
Landreneau, Rodney, MD
Lagraize, Christopher, MD
LeBlanc, Karl, MD
Leithead, James, MD
Leonovicz, Douglas, MD
Lewis, Richard, MD
Lindsey, John, MD
Littleton, Jeffery, MD
Loe, William, MD
Lopoo, John, MD
Lyons, John M, MD
Mann, Jr., Willard K, DDS, MD
Martin, Elizabeth, PhD
Martinez, Benjamin, MD
Massiha, Hamid, MD
McCalla, Thomas, MD
McCanless, Christopher, MD
McGee, Jennifer, MD
McGrew, Patrick, MD
McGuiness, Clifton, MD
McKinnon, William, MD
McLaren, Patrick, MD
McNeil, James, MD
Meade, Peter, MD
Meyer, Carol, MD
Miller, Weston, MD
Mizgala, Cynthia, MD
Moore, Rachel, MD
Moses, Michael, MD
Moustoukas, Nick, MD
Mundinger, Gerhard, MD
Myers, Melvil, MD
Neumaster, Terry, MD
Newton, Baron, MD
Norwood, Scott, MD
O'Leary, James, MD
Olinde, Andrew, MD
Pappas, Michael, MD
Pappas, Nicholas, MD
Paramesh, Anil, MD
Rau, Jeffrey Frederick, MD
Rhynes, Vernon, MD
Richey, Thomas H., MD
Rigby, Carl, MD
Robichaux, Wayne, MD
Rodriguez, Jaime, MD
Sabbaghian, Bahman, MD
Saggi, Bob, MD
Sam, Albert, MD
Sanchez, Erick, MD
Saracino, Dino, MD
Sayegh, Salem, MD
Scharf, Peter, MD
Schauer, Philip, MD
Schmidt, Frank, MD
Schellack, Jon V., MD
Schroll, Rebecca, MD
Schwartzberg, Glen, MD
Seale, Arnold, MD
Scott, Floyd, MD
Sea, Stephanie, MD
Seal, Arnold, MD
Sheely, Carlton, MD
Skill, Nicholas, PhD
Slakey, Douglas, MD
Slowikowski, Leslie, MD
Smith, James, MD
Solomon, Brian, MD
Stafford, Shawn, MD
Stephens, James, MD
Suleman, Mohammed, MD
Taghavi, Sharven, MD
Tandon, Ravi, MD
Theriot, Amanda, RN
Theunissen, Taylor, MD
Thomas, Charles, MD
Thomas, Mack, MD
Thomas, Michael, MD
Thurston, Robert, MD
Tran, Victor, MD
Uddo, Joseph, MD
Upp, J., MD
Valerie, Evans, MD
Valero, Vicente, MD
Vanderlan, Wesley, MD
Wade, James, MD
Walters, Jules, MD
Weaver, Michael, MD
Weaver, Marvin, MD
Webb, Watts. MD
Weiler, Jonathan, MD
Weiss, Sean, MD
Williams, Charlie, MD
Williams, John, MD
Wise, Matthew, MD
Woltering, Eugene, MD
Wood, James H., MD
Yu, David, MD
Zampell, Jamie, MD