Statement on Oversight and Liaison

The Program Director maintains contact with faculty members placed in positions of supervision and oversight of residency training. Faculty members are encouraged to discuss resident issues with the Program Director in personal interviews and at the monthly faculty meetings. The Program Director also meets with the faculty members four times a year during the resident evaluation meetings. At this time, any aspect of the training program is open for discussion.


Resident Training Liaison and Oversight


Training Site                                                                          Liaison and Oversight

University Medical Center  – New Orleans                            Lance Stuke, M.D., MPH

Children’s Hospital                                                                 David Yu, M.D.

University Health Center Lafayette                                       Charlie Chappuis, M.D.

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center                    V. Keith Rhynes, M.D.

Ochsner Medical Center – Kenner                                        J. Philip Boudreaux, M.D.

Tulane University Medical Center                                         Anil Paramesh, M.D.

Veterans Administration Medical Center                               Dino Sarcino, M.D.

Lafayette General Medical Center                                        Phil Gachassin, M.D.