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Resident Research Year

LSU Health Department of Surgery encourages residents to diversify their portfolios by offering the option to set time aside specifically for research. This allows residents to learn more about their field through research and to become well-rounded individuals.

Meet this Year's Research Residents:


Florina Corpodean, MD

"My name is Flori Corpodean and I am currently starting out my research year at Pennington Biomedical Research center in Baton Rouge. My interest in bariatric surgery led me to purse this position. Currently, I am working on a combination of clinical and basic science projects. One of the projects that I will be starting on is looking at intestinal nutrient delivery and gut-brain communication in mouse models. This project will allow me to combine my surgical interests as well as utilize my undergraduate background in neuroscience. " 



Rebecca Moreci, MD

"My name is Rebecca Moreci, and I have completed 2 clinical years of residency. I'm starting my second year as a surgical education research fellow in the Center for Surgical Training and Research (CSTAR) at the University of Michigan. During these two years, I am also completing a Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) degree which will provide a strong background on the theory of education and educational methods/assessment systems. My research is primarily on graduate medical education, including trainee assessment and competency-based training systems. I plan to pursue pediatric surgery in the future, and I hope to continue to work with LSU pediatric surgery faculty on local research projects as well. The flexibility of a larger residency program, such as LSU Health, allows residents to choose if and when to take dedicated research time. I am very grateful for the program’s support throughout this process."



Sophia Trinh, MD

"My name is Sophia Trinh, and I decided to do a research year because I have very little experience with research. I think it’s important as clinicians to know how to interpret data and articles when we read them. That way we can decide if the data presented in the article is something relevant to our practice and, if is, is it something we want to take into consideration when practicing? I also wanted to feel more comfortable reading journal articles without having to read over them multiple times and feeling confident about what’s being presented to me. Additionally, the research process was always a nebulous process to me, from writing up a proposal to gathering data to analyzing the data to submitting a manuscript. I wanted to get more familiar with this process. Currently, I am working on a few projects with the Vascular Department dealing with a large database from CMS. We are also working on a project looking into health literacy and barriers to health care in the vascular surgery patient population. For anyone that has any remote interest in research, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved, from small projects like case reports to larger ones."